Mud Agitators from AIPU Solids Control

mud agitator

Mud agitators play an important role in the surface treatment of drilling fluids, and AIPU specialized in mud agitators production. Impeller-type mixers provide both axial and radial flow, which lowers mud costs and improves mud properties. Impeller-type mixer are basically low-shear and low-energy, inexpensive to operate and esay to maintain. Low-shear mixer used to suspend and mix mud additives minimizing particle size degradation and polymer shear.

mud agitator


1. Ensure Mud additives homogeneously mixed, preventing spot over treatment of chemicals, dilution water or weighting agents.
2. Prevents the pits from “gelling” by keeping the active mud system moving when the pumps disengaged.
3. When drilling with weighted mud, properly sized agitators will keep the weighting agents in suspension, minimizing solids from settling in corners or dead spots of the pit.

mud agitator


Design features that minimize maintenance and maximize reliability include:gearboxs house either a double or triple reduction helical bevel gearing set that is so precisely ground that there is aminimal amount of back lash in the gear sets, eliminating a “slamming” effect of the gears at start up, promoting a longer life. each helical bevel gear set is 98% efficient. Therefore, a double redution gearbox is 96% efficient and a triple reduction gearbox 94% efficient. a typical worm gear set is only 85% efficient and loses most of its efficiency through the generation of heat. AiPu Agitator features an ultra-tough cast iron gearbox that houses a double-reduction helical bevel gear set, providing one of the highest levels of efficiency available today.


Explosion proof motors are designed to withstand pressure washing and explosure to corrosive fluids with no contamination.  So AiPu uses famous motor in china that bolt directly to the gearbox housing eliminating any alignment issues.


Axial and radial flow patterns created by the impellers provide optimal suspension and mixing. AiPu offers a 60, 45, as well as  a hydrofoil style impeller, available in carbon steel and 310 series stainless

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