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mud agitator

Glad to introduce Aipu Solisd Control to you. As  the professional manufacturer of mud agitator, shaker screens, shale shaker as well as solids control system. Today,we would like to share more information about mud agitators.

The function of surface mud system.

Firstly, we should know the function of surface mud system. The purpose of a surface mud system is to allow maintenance of the mud before pumped down the hole. Accomplished by the effective use of solids control equipment to remove undesirable solids, while simultaneously recovering as much drilling fluid as is feasible. Secondary to the solids removal process is the addition of chemicals and the rapid and thorough mixing of mud materials. While thorough agitation is necessary to effectively accomplish both of these tasks. In the majority of drilling fluids, agitation equipment must be used to suspend solids in the surface tanks and maintain a homogeneous drilling fluid.

Mud mixing equipment

In drilling mud system, mud mixing equipment help maintain drilling mud property. Keep necessary solids suspending. Prevent solid precipitation. Mixing equipment usually including mud agitator, mud mixing hopper, and mud gun. Driven by motor and geared with reduction box. Mud mixing hopper is usually a Venturi hopper combined with centrifugal pump. As for mud gun, there are common pressure and high pressure one.

Mud mixing equipment use is similar with oilfield mud agitator use. Working condition, equipment capacity are basic issues to consider. Mixing equipment aim to assist solid control system and benefit whole well drilling. We know, mud mixing or agitation utilized at every phase of solids control. (Shaker tank is exclusive)
mud agitator

Aipu oilfield mud agitators

Oilfield agitators of Aipu are rather popular and reliable equipment. Due to the motors are all explosion proof and YB3 series. Also energy-saving, environmental-friendly configuration. The reduction box or gear box can be helical worm wheel gear box or the helical bevel gear box.

Aipu provides customization service on oilfield agitators. Including installation way, such as lateral, or vertical. Also the impeller pattern, such as canted or vertical pattern. Materials of shaft and impeller can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel, also can be coated with special chemical to prevent corrosion.

Aipu solids control is professional manufacturer on complete line mud equipment. Aipu mud agitators got great success in oilfield mud process, HDD mud recycling, waste management, oil sludge treatment, chemical industry, even the food industry.

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