Mud Cleaner

mud cleaner





Mud cleaner is a combination of hydrocyclone mounted above a shale shaker. The primary use of the mud cleaner has always been the removal of drilled solids larger than barite. Its secondary purpose is to remove drilled solids from unweighted drilling fluids.

The Aipu Mud Cleaner is designed to handle a high flow rate of fluid through the hydrocyclones which separate out fine solids into a concentrated underflow that is then distributed onto the vibratory screening deck. This combination of hydrocyclones and screening energy allow for treatment of a much higher flow rate of fluid than a vibratory screening unit can handle by itself. This small compact unit is a powerful tool in removing small solids from a high flow rate stream, while producing relatively dry solids that report off of the screening unit.


  • desilter cones
  • desander cones
  • double header cleaners
  • Extra pumps and piping
  • high maintenance cost
  • additional equipment
  • excessive cone plugging
  • undesired solids

Drilling Mud Cleaners for drilling fluids solids control:

This model Mud Cleaner combines 10” desander hydrocyclone(s) with smaller 4” hydrocyclones, effectively taking two “cuts” of the unwanted solids contaminating the fluid. The 10” remove large solids down to approximately 100 microns and the 4” can remove solids down to the 20 micron size range. The vibratory screening unit is designed to take the underflow of both size sets of hydro-cyclones and separate the concentrated solids from the liquid. The Mud Cleaner requires two pumps to operate, with the pump feeding the 10” cyclones typically taking a section from a compartment upstream from the compartment from which the additional pump takes its suction to feed the 4” hydrocyclones. The Mud Cleaner will be designed to handle the entire circulating volume of whichever system in which it is operating. Mud cleaners come into force on both weighted and unweighted drilling fluid systems in removing and drying solids while retaining the expensive liquid phase. Used correctly, Mud Cleaner can lower both drilling-fluid and disposal costs.

Desander & Desilter & Screening Unit all combined into one unit for compact footprint.

  • Polyurethane constructed hydrocyclones for long life- abrasion resistance.
  • Removable hydrocyclone assembly so that vibratory screening unit can be used by itself .
  • Patented adjustable screen deck angle (while operating).
  • Patented rubber wedge sealing for mud cleaner screen deck and screen.
  • Shaker bottom deck made from Stainless Steel for long service life.
  • Heat treatment on complete shaker deck for High G force operation.
  • Pre-tensioned Shaker screens for fast screen replacement.
  • Top Brand Vibration Motors: IEC EX, ATEX and UL Certified.