Mud cleaner Hunter 120 for diesel electric drilling rig

AIPU Solids Control supply complete sets of drilling fluids/mud treatment equipment including the mud cleaner. Mud cleaner Hunter 120 is widely used and order repeatedly by drilling contractors and oilfield service companies. As it’s compact design compared to mud desander and mud desilter.

Mud cleaner Hunter 120 information

Mud cleaner Hunter 120 is composed of 8pcs of 4″ desilter cone and 1pcs of 10″ desander cone. Treating capacity up to 500 GPM. For some clients, they prefer flexible capacity adjustment during operation so we’ll install ball valves on the cones inlet line.

AIPU Hunter series mud cleaner

The bottom shaker of Hunter 120 cleaner is AIPU Hunter-MG3 shale shaker. The shaker with screen panel 3 pieces and the screening is 2.04 square meters. Shaker screen we have composite frame and steel frame for choice. 

The vibration motor we use Ital-vibras, imported from Italy to make sure working performance. if the customers need cleaner urgently, semi-finished cleaner withour motor can be for your option, end users import motor direatly. Surely we will provide holes distance drawing for user in advance.

Mud cleaner Hunter 120 dimension is 2100x2600x2500. Considering the delivery, some users may want the height lower than 2000mm. Please feel free to contact us, it can be re-designed.

Hydrocyclone on mud cleaner

Hydrocyclone separators including Desander cone 10inch and Desilter 4inch, that are made of polyurethane. It’s a very durable material to bear heavy abrasion and corrosion. The common color is red, we supply a black one as well. 4″ cone will get rid of 15~47 microns solids and we call it as hydrocyclone desilter or desilter separator. The 10″ cones are the desander separator separating solids larger than 47 microns.

Mud cleaner with Desander cone 10″ and Desilter cone 4″

Mud cleaner spare parts

To know the mud cleaner parts well, we need to understand cleaner construction and main parts. Such as the desander cone, desilter cone, the bottom shaker, pipelines, pressure gauge. For the cones, there are hydrocyclone, coupling, drop in Apex, seal rubber, and so on

The bottom shaker including the shaker basket, the shaker screen, the spring, the side rubber, channel protector, vibrator motor, the starter, and so on

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