Mud Cleaning & Reclaiming System

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Mud cleaning & reclaiming systems (mud recycling system) are general name for the process of control solids in mud projects. These projects contain: drilling fluid, CBM, HDD, TMB or Piling. The aims of using mud cleaning and reclaiming system is make project process faster and cost lower.

The basic principle of these recycling system is utilize mud shaker and hydrocyclones eliminate solids from mud. Then, the processed mud will return mud system line or back to store tanks.

The Compact Clean and Reclaim System

A fluid circulation tank with built up one mud shaker with or without hydrocyclone (depend on working condition). The shale shaker (mud shaker) generally are double deck shaker, which the bottom deck with PU material shaker screen is for pre-cleaning the drilling mud and the top deck for the final drying of the expelled solids from the underflow of the hydro-cyclones. The centrifugal pump as feed pump will pumping the special high flow to hydrocyclones. and a submersible slurry pump will transfer the cleaned driling bentonite back to your Mixing System.

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The Normal Mud Cleaning and Recycling system

The normal type cleaning and recycling system is built up by mud tank, pumps, agitator, shaker and cleaner. The fluid tank with three single deck shale shakers (linear motion), two being the primary shale shaker and one the final mud cleaner.

The Working Process

  1. There is a drill pit at each side of drilling hole, a set of vertical slurry pump will set on top of mud pit for feeding shale shaker. The shale shaker screen will separate drilling cuttings and discharge out, fluids part will drop into sand trap through screen hole.

  2. 1 or 2 or 3 sets of desander cyclone sit after shale shaker, one set of centrifugal pump will feed desander cyclong for second phase separation, solids out of desander will be discharge to shaker screen or cutting box directly and fluids over flow from desander will flow into desander compartment.

  3. A quantity of desilter cyclones will sit after desander for fine solids separation, solids out of desilter will discharge to shaker screen or cuttings box, fluids over from desilter will drop into desilter compartment.

  4. A mixing pump sit on tank skid for drilling mud transfer and feed mud into mud hopper for new mud remix by new chemicals. The mixing hopper can sit on top of tank or tank skid as per client’s demand.  -From Aipu Solids Control

Mud recycling system for HDD
Mud recycling system for HDD
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