Mud Desilter Unit In Solids Control System


Mud Desilter firstly can be different size from 2 inch to 6 inch normally , hydrocyclone cone size and quantity can be customized depending on drilling conditions and mud flow requirement. Also the desilter hydrocyclone be clampt connection and stainless ball valve for easy control. Provided efficient and reliable separation of solids from drilling mud in oil and gas drilling jobsite as we know.


Working Principle Of Desilter

The desilter  separate solids by a suitable pressure offered by a set of centrifugal pump by feeding drilling mud. Then mud forced into a spiral motion into the cyclone’s internal profile. The internal hydrocyclone shape make the spinning of mud in a high centrifugal force and heavy solids particles will be drop beside cyclone wall to bottom nozzle for discharge and ligher fluids will be push up and over flow. The desilter hydrocyclone normally need 0.25-0.4 Mpa pressure to help cyclone working properly. The diameter of the cyclone controls the cut point and particle size that separated out. The larger the cyclone diameter, the larger particle diameter that can separated.


Desilter Unit In Solids Control System

A desilter unit normally a combination for desilter hydrocyclone with steel frame to separation , the desilter unit can sit onto a set of shaker shaker also to dry solids out of cyclone. A desilter hydrocyclone underflow will have an estimated 10% to 25% solids content in the treated drilling mud. It means there will have part of fluids content wasted. The 2 inch or 3 inch cone efficient because it separate very fine solids particle but the discharge solids are wetter and fluids lost more. A report shows that 3 inch cone can remove 50% more solids particles than a 4 inch desilter cone. AIPU Solids Control supply different size of desilter cyclone , please email us for more information

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