Mud Mixing Hopper 6 Inch Venturi Type

AIPU mud hoppers are designed to provide efficient addition and mixing of dry chemicals to the active surface mud system during drilling operations. The mud hopper is also be called a jet hopper or a mud-flow device, in which materials are put into the circulating mud system.

Mud hopper information

A 6 inch mud hopper complete with nozzle, butterfly valve, sack table, tee, venturi educator, flange all mounted on a base. Flange there is DN or ANSI standard for choose. Material can be produced to carbon steel or 345E steel to suit clients’ different working conditions. Also, there are 4 inch for option.

Mud hopper 6 inch

When the mud hopper together with a centrifugal pump. We can design 1 venturi mud hopper + 1 centrifugal pump, or 2 venturi mud hoppers + 2 mixing pumps on one base. It is called a jet mud mixer.

Furthermore, we also can provide the mixing pump as one hopper with one pump but with double entry and discharge lines. This will provide users convenient inlet and outlet way. The connection and communication among tanks are easier.

Mud hopper application

Mud hopper as a type of mixing equipment, it can be used in oil and gas industry, as well as horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The mud hopper usually used together with a centrifugal mixing pump to realize the function.

The materials that are added into the mud circulation system are first put into the mud hopper. The mud hopper helps in proper dispersion and uniform mixing of the dry material. A hose in the mud hopper allows feeding liquid and additives into the mix, and the motion of the hopper helps in rapid hydration.

Mud hopper together with centrifugal pump

A centrifugal pump powers the mud hopper and passes the mud at high velocity through a nozzle at the bottom of the conical hopper. The agitation system of the mud hopper circulates the fluid continuously, keeping the constituents in suspension which is then effectively pumped out into the drilling system.

How to order a mud hopper

  1. 6 Inch or 4 inch you choose.
  2. Single hopper or together with a centrifugal pump.
  3. Special requirements like material, flange type, surface color and etc.
  4. Then a technical drawing will be provided by AIPU from confirmation.
  5. Sign the contract, and provide the proforma invoice for deposit arrangement.
  6. The hopper production is arranged against prepayment.
  7. Finally, deliver the hopper against balance.

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