Mud Mixing Hopper in Drilling and Oilfield

mud mixing hopper

First of all, mud mixing hopper normally worked together with a centrifugal pump or shear pump with pipeline and valves for chemical mixing in oilfield. On the one hand, the mud mixing hopper can be different size and design depending on oilfield requirement and client priority. On the other hand, the centrifugal pump normally for standard drilling mud chemical mixing. The shear pump for reduce cost of mixing polymers and clays and it shears polymers eliminates fish eyes and prevents polymer chaining that can’t pass through the shale shaker screen. It is belt drive for shear pump and gear drive for centrifugal pump.

mud mixing hopper

Mud Mixing Hopper Main Components

The standard size mixing hopper is 600mm by 600mm size square or diameter 600mm round type. The size can be changing to be 500mm size square or round type.
Venturi design T outlet for mixing hopper with 6 inch size inlet, outlet and connections between hopper itself.
A 6 inch butterfly valve installed between hopper and venture T outlet for material inlet control. The butterfly valve normally water type design cause no need for regular installation and disassemble.
There will be one 6 inch valve at Venturi inlet and one 6 inch valve at Venturi outlet for control. The standard price not including the 2 pcs of valves, so please make a note if you need extra valve.

How To Order Mud Mixing Hopper

Confirm main specification of mixing hopper, mixing speed, matching pump, inlet and outlet requirement before asking price.
Visit for AIPU Solids Control website, click contact page, you will find contact person, email, phone no. etc.
Send email or call the contact person and list all your requirement for prepare a quote.
If you need after sales service or comment on AIPU sales manager, please send email to, I will reply you within 24 hours to keep sure all your comment get received and preceed.

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