Mud Tank Suction Valves Dump Valves

Mud tank is used to install solids control equipment. While the suction and dump valve acts as a control valve in the use of mud tanks that are used to control the mud flow during system operation or mud reserve. It plays an important role in the whole solids control system.

AIPU mud tank valves information

Mud tank valves including the suction valve and dump valve. The material can be common butterfly valves, seamless tube, even stainless steel. Considering the fluids flow pattern, mud tank valves can be customized into T pattern and cross type, the difference is the suction port design. According to the pipeline configuration in mud tanks, there are 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12 valves for users’ options.

mud tank valves with handle wheel

The features of AIPU mud tank valves

At the beginning we have the tank valves configured with a handle wheel, we call it screw type operator. Now we have valves with lever handle for choice as more and more users prefer.

Popular mud tank valves are 8″ and 10″. For detailed dimensions or sizes, they can be manufactured to suit various customers’ tank depth, suction height, suction line requirement, and other special requirements.

The material used for O-Ring for Disc Plunger assembly and any other seals used on the flange end is viton synthetic rubber for high temperature resistance.

Surface painting color is customer built, just let us know the color code.

T pattern suction valves

How to maintain the suction valve in our routine work to make sure its performance, there are some tips for your reference.

a.) Make sure the correct installation and removal of the suction valve.

b.) To inspect the O-rings and gaskets at various locations. Replace them if they are damaged.

c.) To check if the bearing is flexible or damaged.

d.) Apply a proper amount of butter to the screw after checking the installation and fill the oil cup with full butter to ensure that the handwheel rotates flexibly.

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