Mud Tank for Oilfied and Solid Control System

mud tank

Mud tank for solids control system is design for mud holding firstly. While treatment by solids control equipment and mud storage after mud mixing or separating. As a result, the mud tank can be different size depending on drilling requirement by different length, width and height. Then the tank can be skid mounted tank or jack up tank or trailer mounted tank depending on client requirement. The standard tank wall thickness is 8mm, the thickness can be customized depending on client requirement at the same time. The tank bottom normally 10mm with a 150 to 300mm H beam.

mud tank

40ft Container Size Mud Tank

40ft container size mud tank is designed for easy transport with container lock, the length is 12198, width 2438mm. And  tank size can be adjust depending on mud storage requirement and normally set 2400mm for height. Then tank bottom can make a 5 degree angle for solids easy discharge, each angle of the tank compartment can be covered by a plate to avoid solids settling down. There is 150mm square pipe on tank top for mud gun line and water line. The mud tank can be divided into 2, 3 or 4 tank compartment with or without butterfly valve control between tank compartment.

Skid Mounted Mud Tank

Skid mounted mud tank design for oilfield, it is 3 runner skid mounted with 200mm to 300m H beam. The tank wall, bottom and also design mainly same with 40ft container size tank. The connections between tank can be soft pipe or hard steel pipe by fast connection like hammer union. The mud suction line can be 10 inch or 12 inch at tank bottom. Mixing suction line can be 8 inch or 10 inch at tank bottom. And mixing discharge line can be 6 inch or 8 inch at tank top.

The mud tank for solids control system can be customized depending on client requirement like length, width, height. The material and design can be different depending on different application.

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