Energy-saving Ultra-wide Multi-layer Balanced Elliptical Shale Shaker

Single-layer or double-layer shale shakers within linear motion mode has been difficult to satisfy the high-efficiency separation of a large amount of the high-density and high-viscosity drilling fluid. So use of multiple shale shakers increases the energy of consumption and save a lot of money.

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The strong vibration of super wide multilayer elliptical vibrating screen is designed for solving the problem of drilling fluid new era. The vibrating screen(shale shaker) is provided with three layers of the screen surface, the screen mesh decreases from top to bottom. The backplate is arranged below each screen layer so that the upper layer screen surface oriented drilling fluid to the lower layer screen surface for further separation.

Shaker with Triple Fine Screens was developed to help alleviate the problem of near size particle blinding. This screen is made up of two layers of ultra fine mesh supported by a coarser mesh backing cloth. Triple Fine Screens are highly versatile, providing excellent screening properties with plugging resistance and long life.

shale shaker with composite screens
shale shaker

Layered screens are less susceptible to near sized plugging. This is due to the interaction of all three layers of mesh which reduces the likelihood of particles remaining lodged in the apertures.

Because of the use of ultra-fine cloths, adding a third layer of cloth has a negligible impact upon flow capacity (conductance). Screen life is increased over a two mesh configuration through improved transportation which is effected by the interaction between the top and intermediate layers of mesh.

According to the principle of self-synchronization and vibration synchronization, the use of energy-saving control technology can make it possible to switch the two vibration motors between power on and off, when the shale shaker achieves self-synchronous stable operation. The energy saving efficiency of the method is as high as 58%, and the life of the motors is prolonged.

vibrating screen for mud control

Compared with the single layer or double layer shale shakers, the triple layers shale shaker can increase the feeding amount of the drilling fluid, improve the solid-liquid separation effect, and save the occupation area of the equipment. It can not only be applied to the oil drilling operation, but also can be applied to the mud-water separation of shield project, classification screening of mining engineering, sludge treatment of environmental engineering, and other related fields.

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