oilfield drilling shale shaker

                                              oilfield drilling shale shaker

Shaanxi Aipu Machinery Manufacture  is an industry leading provider of  oilfield drilling shale shaker and supply oilfiled solid control equipment .

Distributing a specialist range of drilling shale shaker ,Our markets across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Our services are designed to complement and enhance your existing team’s power.Establishing for 5 years, we are proud to have worked with many leading companies and organisations in our specialist markets.Assisting purchasing departments of all sizes and in some cases operating as a truly outsourced partner.  Exclusive distributor of specialist products.

As a manufacture of oilfield drilling shale shaker superiority:

Firstly  professional design,fabrication,quality assurance and after sales service.

Secondly  API certificated solid control equipment manufacturer.
Thirdly  customer-oriented,quality focuse.

The use of drilling shale shaker is mainly for recycling drilling fluids. After returning from  the well,the oilfield drilling mud flows directly to the olifield drilling shale shakers.  Once processed by the shale shakers,  the drilling fluid flow into the mud tanks, and other solid control equipments begin to continue cleaning.  After the mud will flow out of a separate holding tank ,and they wait for further treatment,such asdesander,desilter


Oilfield drilling shale shaker has these main features

One is heat treatment for shaker deck ,another one is heavy anticorrosive painting on shaker,3layer painting.

Ohters are wedge type screen and hook strip screen both availble to suit client requirment.

Mechanical deck angle adjustment for steady and reliable performance.

Standard options:IECEX,ATEX,UL,CE,Gost.

Comeposite material screen available for longer service life .

In addation with advanced global sourcing methods, a highly experienced team, prized manufacturer relationships, vast consolidation expertise and a truly innate understanding of our customers’ requirements, The last we always deliver and ultimately save our customers money and time.

In the end with,our drilling shale shaker has been exported all over the world such as Europe,Asia ,Australia,ets, and has established a group of long-term business partnerships.

our manufacturing base  locate in Shaanxi  province, we set ” be a creditable practitioner to achieve the continous development and innovation” as our motto. We like to share our experiences with friends home and abroad . As a way to create a bigger cake with our joint effort.welcome to learn about my company products.

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