Oilfield solids control system drilling fluids mud tank

A mud tank is a sizable storage container that is used to hold drilling fluids. It’s an integral part of the solids control system. AIPU Solids Control designs and manufacturers various types of mud tanks. The tank meets the utility request of the drilling solid control system, mud plant, and solid-liquid separation system. According to different working conditions, mud tanks can be customized into a reserve tank, trip tank, and slug tank.

Reserve tank

Reserve tank is for storage of excess drilling fluid, base fluids, or premixed drilling fluid for future mixing/additions. It could even be a completely different type of mud system for displacing the existing drilling fluids. Reserve tank could be used in onshore drilling rigs and offshore drilling rigs. The volume and number of these tanks depend on the space available of the rig.

The type of drilling fluid stored in the reserve tanks will dictate whether it needs to be agitated. Since the type of fluids stored will vary, adequate agitation should be available if required.

Trip tank

A trip tank should also be a component of the solids control system. This tank should have a well-calibrated, liquid-level gauge to measure the volume of drilling fluid entering or leaving the tank. The volume of fluids that replaces the volume of the drill string is normally monitored on trips to make certain that formation fluids are not entering the wellbore.

The addition of trip tanks to drilling rigs significantly reduces the number of induced well kicks.

Slug tank

A slug tank is typically a small 20- to 50-barrel compartment within the suction section. This compartment is isolated from the active system and is available for small volumes of specialized fluid. Some solids control systems may have more than one of these small compartments. They are mani-folded to a mixing hopper so that solids and chemicals may be added and are used to create a heavier slurry to be displaced partway down the drill pipe before trip. This prevents drilling fluid inside the pipe from splashing on the rig floor during trips. These compartments are also used to mix and spot various pills, or slurries, in a well bore.

Proper agitation is needed for this tank because there will be many different types of slurries mixed during drilling operations. The addition of a mud gun would be beneficial in mixing various pills as well as keeping solids from settling in the bottom or corners of this tank.

Every part of an oil rig is essential. Mud tanks are no exception. Just call us for more information.

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