Why We Need Oilfield Solids Control System?

oilfield solids control system

Oilfield drilling rig will need drilling mud to help drilling job. And the drilling mud solids control system is working to separate drilling cuttings and other solids particles from drilling mud. Also re-use the mud for saving cost and protect environment. Different size of drilling rig will require different size of solids control system depending on hole size and drilling conditions. So that’s means even a same drilling rig, it may need different size of solids control system. So you will find they may working different mud process equipment even for a same model of drilling rig.

oilfield solids control system

Why we need oilfield solids control system?

Drilling mud is as indispensable material for oil drilling industry with high price. To save cost we must use drilling mud recycling system (solids control system) purifying drilling mud step by step. And then make drilling mud cyclic utilization. At present, solids control system has been used widely in many industries and help most of operators getting more economic benefit

A complete drilling mud recycling system always includes 2 parts, the mud recovery and cleaning system part, the other part is mud mixing system. Just as the name implies, the mud mixing system is functioned to mix the chemicals with the mud base and make it usable for the rig drilling.

oilfield solids control system

How to Fix an Solids Control System?

1.Drilling mud flow to mud pump need confirmed, so that you can choose shale shaker and mud cleaner mud flow capacity to suit requirement.
2.Mud tank storage capacity need confirmed, so that you can confirm mud tank size and tank quantity as well as mud tank design and pipeline arrangement.
3.Pipeline arrangement need confirm with client to meet requirement.
4.Mud tank layout need confirm to meet drilling site layout and requirement.
5.Decanter centrifuge treating capacity and separation points need confirm depending on requirement. Middle speed decanter centrifuge and high speed centrifuge with difference mud flow options.

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