Oilfield Three-in-one Mud Cleaner

At oil and gas field, the mud cleaner is an important equipment in drilling mud system. That is a combination of D-sander cones, D-silter cones, and Shale Shaker. It also named mud conditioner in MENA region.

Why the solid control processing need a mud cleaner

The finest screen at that time could separate solids only larger than about 177 microns (API 80) from a normal drilling-rig circulating rate. Barite specifications restricted solids to sizes predominantly smaller than 74 microns (API sand). Hydrocyclones removed large quantities of barite from a weighted drilling fluid and were not generally used. This meant that all of the drilled solids between 74 and 177 microns were available for removal but could not be removed with equipment available at that time. The mud cleaner was invented to remove those drilled solids.

Bottom shale shaker for mud cleaner

For bottom shaker, some clients prefer the discharge chute to the mini bottom shaker. While some clients prefer the big bottom shaker as primary shaker. We AIPU provide many options. 

For AIPU standard mud cleaner, its shaker is our Hunter series one, including Hunter-MG3 shale shaker and Hunter-MG4 shale shaker. Bottom screens are wedge block compressed. the bottom shaker can be designed to linear motion or circular motion. 

D-sander cones 10″ for mud cleaner

10″ cones are used to separate particles around 45-74 micron, with the capacity of 90-120m³/h. the D-sander cones number is configurated based on the processing capacity of the whole solids control system. Usually, the mud cleaner is desiged with two 10″ cones.

D-silter cones 4″ for mud cleaner

4 inch cones are used to separate particles around 15-45 micron, with the capacity of 12-15m³/h. According to the processing capacity of the whole cleaning unit, the hydrocyclones number can be designed from 6 to 12 pieces. We use polyurethane material for cones, same performance with the top famous brand. This material permits excellent resistance to heat and abrasion.

AIPU Solids Control supply custom-design oilfield mud cleaner, no matter the configuration or painting color. We provide ODM service as well. Call us if you have any interest or questions. AIPU will be your reliable solution

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