Proportioning Pumps


Metering pump also called proportional pump is ideal for injecting the correct proportion of the chemical into a mud management process. Metering pump is industrial grade equipment designed to be used where chemicals must be pumped by 24-7-365. Engineered materials are used for the wetted end of pump virtually any chemical, from acids to caustics. Even viscous liquids and suspended solids can be metered and pumped with precise accuracy.

What cautions you should take when use metering pumps.

  • Please fill 220# wheel oil or 50# gear oil before you use metering pump.
  • Make sure for outlet pipeline to keep unobstructed (valve fully operated) before metering pump is turned on.
  • Turn off metering pump first before closing the outlet valve when operation is to be stopped.
  • Make sure to keep the pressure of outlet pipeline to be higher than the pressure of inlet pipeline, to prevent occurrence of siphon.
  • The caliber of outlet pipeline must be larger or equal to the standard matched caliber of metering pump.
metering pump in drilling rig
metering pump in drilling rig
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