vibration screens

Different designs of vibrating screens

Product Name Description Control Mechanism
Super heavy vibrating screen The model is created by virtual prototype technology It involves two harmonic vibrations which are perpendicular and have the same frequency. The acceleration and displacement were obtained with Simulink software.
Multi-dimensional vibrating screen The design involved the figure of vibrating screen, the cooling system and controlling system. It has both parallel mechanism and serial mechanism. The motion is ideal motion trajectory, the motive power of the three moving pairs comes from the high power flat-plate linear electrical motor
Motion simulation of dual-frequency vibrating screen The effect of plugging in the screen was checked in order to improve the screening efficiency. This equipment consists of three exciting motors i.e., the vibration exciters with screen box of frame, baffle, cross beam. Matlab/simulink software was used to analyse the exciting motors for motion trajectory between high and low frequencies
Vibratory screen for the coal mining industry The working principle of the screen is the dynamic separation of solid materials. Eccentric rotation is circular and linear at the same time.
Dynamic design theory and application of large vibrating screen The dynamic characteristic of the vibrating screen was researched and the dynamic simulation method of large screening-machines was explored The vibration exciters were set on both sides of static plates and an exciting transmission shaft connected to a synchronous vibration generator.
Dewatering performance of a vibrating screen An experimental linear vibrating screen was constructed and was tested with wet coal. The experimental results also showed that the vibrating screen with a larger amplitude of vibration has a better dewatering performance.
Dynamic and screening characteristics of vibrating screen with variable elliptical trace. The ideal motion characteristics for the vibrating screen was presented An accurate mathematical model of the vibrating screen for the structural motion that can trace linear, circular or elliptical was obtained
Separation performance of double deck banana screen It consists of one or more curved decks that are fitted with screen panels with arrays for screen performance The screen motion used is a linear oscillation of the Discrete element method (DEM)

Principle of Operation of a Vibrating Screen

The motion requirements of the conventional vibrating screen, were thoroughly discussed regarding bulk solid movement theory with further analysis on how a vibratory drive system excites the screen either by linear electromagnetic shakers or with rotating eccentric masses. The most commonly used system is the rotating eccentric masses so as to achieve a linear motion because of its simplicity. Therefore, analysis of the control of the conventional machine helps to characterise the control system design boundary of the new technology of the reconfiguration of the RVS machine.

Vibrating screens

Newly Design Reconfigurable Vibrating Screen

The reconfigurable vibrating screen is a newly designed adjustable structure beneficiation piece of equipment developed purposely for the mining industry. The equipment can be utilised whenever variable production is required and can also exhibit a number of configurations. The RVS was designed to compensate for the expansion rate of minerial products and to boost the mining production output. The machine is said to play a vital role in small, medium and large scale process manufacturing companies (Ramatsetse, 2014). The design model did not begin from scratch, but rather, referenced the existing conventional screening model already in place. The evolutional difference is the reconfiguration as the reconfigurable machine is designed specifically to handle product variants within a specific part family, The highlighted portions in Table 1 are those found fit to be implemented in the formation of the RVS control design concept.

Polyurethane screen panels
Polyurethane screen panels

Table 1: Table of solution principle for RVS in comparison to types of VS

Components Solution Principle
Vibrating screen types Linear Banana Circular RVS
Drive Engine Motor Engine Hydraulic
Vibrator Vibrator motor Exciters Eccentric Shaft Exciters
Screening Cloth Mesh wire Polyurethane screen panels Woven wire Mesh wire or screen mesh
Suspension Rubber springs Coil springs Rosta AB Coil springs
Motion transmitters Universal joints or Direct drive with rubber couplings. Constant velocity joints V-belts CVJ or V-belts
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