Replacement Mongoose Shaker Screen 585x1165mm at AIPU

Replacement Mongoose shaker screen is a popular product at Aipu solids control. Especially the composite one, with the high-capacity composite Mongoose screens provide shaker significant increase in fluid capacity as well as excellent resistance to blinding providing dryer solids discharge and a larger net usable screen area.

Composite screens use a polypropylene frame with an internal reinforcing steel frame made of high-quality steel tube and rods. This design increases screen life and fluids-handling capacity to improve solids-control performance. Also provide longer usable life. The composite frame design provides smaller more numerous panels, evenly distributing mechanical stresses and containing mesh tears when they occur.

Composite shaker sceen

Types of Replacement Mongoose Screen

About replacement Mongoose screen, we have composite frame and steel frame for clients’ optional. while composite is more popular. Also, the screen panel can be customized to pyramid type against the special requirements.

The pyramid screen panels can provide 25% larger filtration area than normal flat panel. Furthermore, compared to flat panel screens, the pyramid ones hold higher efficiency and better filtration result. 

Except for 585x1165mm, the screen panel can be produced to 1050x700mm.

Pyramid shaker screen

Specialty of Replacement Mongoose Screen at AIPU

Compared with other suppliers of shaker screen, screen sample is available at AIPU for quality test. New customers can place regular orders upon checking it. And we promised that AIPU shaker screen is same useful life as OEM panel under the same working condition.

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