Energy-saving Ultra-wide Multi-layer Balanced Elliptical Shale Shaker

Single-layer or double-layer shale shakers within linear motion mode has been difficult to satisfy the high-efficiency separation of a large amount of the high-density and high-viscosity drilling fluid. So use of multiple shale shakers increases the energy of consumption and … Read the rest

How Parameters Affecting The Performance Of A Shale Shaker

The performance of a shale shaker depends on the large number of parameters. The most important variables affecting the capacity of a shale shaker are drilling fluid rheological properties, concentration and size distribution of solids, screen mesh and area, vibration … Read the rest

What‘s Happening When Shale Shaker Screening Drilling Mud

Shale shaker should remove as many drilled solids and as little drilling mud as possible. These dual objectives require that cutting (or drilled solids) convey off the screen while simultaneously separating and removing most of drilling mud from cuttings. Frequently, … Read the rest