Shale Shaker And How Select Proper One For Your Mud Separation Project

An introduction on the shale shakers

In the drilling industry, a vibrating screen called shale shaker is the first equipment that does the filtration process. The purpose here is minimizing cutting solids in the mud. A shale shaker is the … Read the rest

Energy-saving Ultra-wide Multi-layer Balanced Elliptical Shale Shaker

Single-layer or double-layer shale shakers within linear motion mode has been difficult to satisfy the high-efficiency separation of a large amount of the high-density and high-viscosity drilling fluid. So use of multiple shale shakers increases the energy of consumption and … Read the rest

How Parameters Affecting The Performance Of A Shale Shaker

The performance of a shale shaker depends on the large number of parameters. The most important variables affecting the capacity of a shale shaker are drilling fluid rheological properties, concentration and size distribution of solids, screen mesh and area, vibration … Read the rest