Shaker Parts

Aipu provides shale shaker parts for our clients. Shale shaker parts mainly contains : shaker screens,  vibrating motors, rubber springs, stainless steel bolts,  screen repair plug, wedge block and so on.

Vibrating Motors For Shaker

Vibrating motors for shale shaker

Rubber Spring For Shale Shakers

Rubber spring for shale shakers

Stainless Steel Bolts

stainless steel bolts for shale shaker

Manual Deck Angle Adjustment

manual deck angle adjustment

Shaker Screen Fix Fingers

Shaker Screen fix fingers      shale shaker screen fix fingers

Shaker Screen Repair Plug

Mongoose repair plug      shaker screen repair plug

Wedge Block

shaker screen wedge block shale shaker screen wedge block

Shaker Screen

Shaker screen maybe the most improtant shaker parts. Aipu offer all type replacement shaker screen for all client.

If you want to more infomation about please visit shaker screen page.

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