Shaker Screen

shaker screen

Shaker Screen cleaner also plays an important role in the drilling process. When drilling for oil in the sea,a drilling fluid will make the drilling more effective and to remove cuttings and material from the wellhole. This liquid,commonly referred to as “mud”,is water or oil based containing different chemicals. The composition depends of the kind of formation that the drillbit penetrates.

Shaker Screen
Shaker Screen

Background of shaker screen cleaner

Since the mud  both environmentally harmful and costly, it  continuously circulated in a closed loop system. And stored on the rig/ship after the drill operation for future use.  Cuttings consist of rock(shale,clay,claystone,sand,salt,etc.).   These cuttings follow the mud flow to the rig where  cleaned by a shale shaker machine and recirculated through the wellbore.  The shale shaker is a vibrating machine using a very fine mesh that seperates the cuttings from the fluid. The mesh consists  six or eight sections,each mounted on a frame,called shaker screens.

After a while,the mesh is plugged with particles and its ability to let liquid pass  reduced. When a too large area of the shaker screen the same way, it needs to be cleaned.  Occasionally the composition of the mud changes and the shaker screens necessarily  before storage will finish the cleaning. This is often done manually by an operator. The shaker screens then extracted from the shale shaker, positioned vertically nearby,and washed with a manually pressure washer.

Shaker Screen Cleaner’s Purpose

To develop a shaker screen cleaner that could be used in a global market. This unit needs efficient and easy to use so that the operators actually use them. This  will improve the working environment and conditions for the operators by the reductions of harmful gases in the air and overall risks.It would also mean reduced water and time for cleaning.

In a word, the shaker screens cleaner can improve the efficiency of the shale shaker as well as the whole drilling system.

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