Replacement Shaker Screen from Aipu

shale shaker screen

API shaker screen lead easy selection on certain screen. Since new API guidelines for testing and labeling shaker screens should simplify the screen selection process and provide screens that will efficiently filter cuttings from drilling mud.

Replacement shaker screen from Aipu

Aipu produce all models of replacement screen for NOV Brandt shaker. We promise right fit and completely interchangeable screen panel to all users. Including the King Cobra series screen, VSM series screen, LCM shaker screen, the VNM screens, and etc.

The shaker screens are from API 45 to API 400. According to customers’ demand the screen panel with hexagonal hole and rectangular hole. For screen appearance:blue, red, gray, or green color, etc. In Aipu the replacement shaker screen for Brandt shakers can last at least 20 days according to our user’s feedback

shale shaker screen

Labels on API 13C screen

API RP 13C states that the new designation system will consist of no fewer than the following minimum elements:

API screen designation or API number ( two times larger than other information on the label)
1.Equivalent aperture in μm.
2.Conductance (kilodarcies/mm).
3.Non blanked screen area (sq ft).
4.Manufacturer’s designation or part number.

API recommends that the label also include the manufacturer’s name and the country of manufacture or assembly, but these are optional.

The manufacturer can arrange the information any way it wants on a tag. This tag is to be permanently attached to the screen in a visible place.

shale shaker screen

How to order from Aipu?

Why do you order from Aipu? The main technician of Aipu shaker screen have engaged in shaker screens over 15 years. Our screens were proved at rig site and appreciated by many users. Actual feedback will give you more confidence. We promise clients cost-efficient solution, and continuously improvement under customer-oriented rule. Our shaker screens are API RP13C conformed, high quality and guaranteed.

When you place order please indicate detail information for best offer. Including makes and model, mesh size, appearance, or any special requirements on color, etc.

So contact us now for high quality Derrick shaker screens replacement free sample!

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