Shaker Screens Improved


Shaker Screens Improved

With the technology develops,shaker screens improved also.  At oil rigs there are filters,shaker screens,which clean the recycled drilling fluid when drilling. Occasionally these shaker screens need to be cleaned and this is done by an operator with a pressure washer. That is because during the process,the shaker screens will also carry the cuttings or other chemicals.  And it will decrease the efficiency of the shaker as well as influence the fluid preformace.

shale shaker screen

Shaker Screens using a pressure washer

Pressure washer is not good according to HSE,Health Safety and Environment,bacause the operators expose themselves for injury risk when using a pressure washer. There is also a risk that the operators,during cleaning,inhale the solid mist and drilling fluids vapours,which contain chemicals. This is why there is a need for a product that washes shaker screens. But they are not effective enough and are therefore not used as intended.

Shaker Screens Improved

Then a shaker screen cleaner emerges as the time require  . The new product concept is presented in a computer model. The later processes of drawings and phototyping are not a part of this project. The work resulted in a computer model of a robust machine that washes two shaker screens simultaneously.

The shaker screens are leaning towards the middle-wall,which separates the two shaker screens inside of the enclosure. The dirty side of the shaker screen is facing outwards. The model of the machine has two doors on each short side for inserting the shaker screens. The operator closes the doors and starts the machine by pushing two buttons, positioned on the long side of the machine. It has a cleaning mechanism that is flushing the dirt from above with pressurized water. The cleaning mechanism starts to spray at the top of the shaker screen and then moves fowrwards until it reaches the bottom. When the cleaning cycle is finished,the doors open automatically.

The product concept has reached the goals of not putting the operators at unneccessary risk. The machine is effective and easy to use,which means that the operators will prefer this machine instead of using a manual pressure washer.

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