High Quality Shaker Screens in China

shale shaker screen

High quality shaker screens is the most regularly ware parts for a whole solids control equipment in drilling job site. AIPU Solids Control build various replacement shaker screen for different brand and models of shale shaker. AIPU Solids Control deliveried many boxes of shaker screen to India to catch ship before China New Year holiday. The India client is working for off shore drilling with US brand of shale shaker.

shaker screens

High quality shaker screens standard

How to verify the high quality shaker screen? From the package, appearance, performance, to the working life. Of course, different users may care issues differently. Some clients may prefer product at low price, while some will prefer product with special packages. Although their tips differ from each other the service life will be always important feature.

We believe the high quality screen will hold accurate separation point or cut point according to API RP13C. As well as the actual drilling condition requirements. For example, when we drill the well deeps from 2000 to 4000m may request 230 mesh screen. That will help us filter certain harmful cuttings out efficiently.

And the screens may last 180-200hours. However, if we change drilling depth and working condition. Same screen may not perform as well as above one. So the high quality request exact selection and exact configuration.

shale shaker screen

General performance of high quality screen

High quality shaker screens are appreciated by users as many great result they bring. High efficiency, better performance, longer service life, more cost saved, and so on. The screen raw material is ensured. So anti-corrosion feature, the tensile feature will reflect well during operation.
Total cost or consumption will be controlled well for whole drilling project. Less change to save more time as well. Completely interchangeable screen panel saved user’s cost. The university make replace easier without inconvenience

Heavy duty package with seaworthy feature protected screen panels well. No damage, no dissidence on quantity. Every aspect meet high standard requirements

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