Shale Shaker and Double Deck Shale Shaker

shale shaker

Firstly, shale shaker is the first phase drilling mud cleaning equipment in a whole solids control system.  And the 2 sets of vibrator motor on screen shaker supply vibrating power for shaker deck. And in this way to reach a high G force to help shaker separate solids out and discharge solids out at a fast speed. Normally there are 3 panel screen and 4 panel screen shaker in oilfield industry. But  new designs of screen shaker get more and more like double deck or triple deck shale shaker.

shale shaker

MI Swaco MD-3 Triple Deck Shale Shaker

MD-3 triple-deck shale shaker is a model that design by MI Swaco for high efficiency.  And flexibility and space optimization option. As well, this supplys a changing on drilling conditions for necessitate immediate and flexibile solids control solution on drilling rig project. It is 8 pcs shaker screen for each deck with composite material for longer and better working performance. Then MD-3 Swaco shale shaker design for a small operation footprint and advanced design. So it is  to allow high volume &high-efficiency with variable motion of shaker deck for quickly adapts of different drilling conditions.

shale shaker

AIPU Double Deck Shale Shaker

AIPU Solids Control supply single deck or double deck shale shaker in oilfield industry for drilling cuttings separation in drilling mud. And it powered by 2 sets of vibration motor for linear motion of shaker deck. AIPU double deck shaker adapt same size of shaker screen to max screen area and easy maintenance of keeping stock and spare parts. Each panel of shaker deck use 4 pcs of shaker screen with wedge for tighten onto screen shaker. The shaker screen used with steel material or composite material depending on client drilling conditions and budget price. The vibrator motor can be customized brand like Italy Oli, Italy vibras, Martin, or other brand. Please visit AIPU website for further more information.

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