Shale shakers are hot sale products at AIPU Solids Control. We manufacture around 300 sets of shale shakers per year to oil and gas customers.

In the oil and gas industry, drilling fluid is a critical component during well construction. Shale shaker is used as the first stage of mud separation, they utilize a motor to generate vibrations. Acting as a sieve, the vibrating action pushes the drilling mud through a wire cloth screen. So that the drilling fluids can be reused. That’s why the shale shaker complete is so popular.

AIPU customer-design color shale shakers

Compared to the common shakers in the market, AIPU shale shaker has below features.

a. Annealing treatment for shaker box, strengthening shaker’s toughness and life span.

b. Heat treatment on complete shaker deck for High-G force operation to meet the drilling requirements.

c. Heavy anticorrosive painting on shaker surface, 3 layers painting in total.

d. Wedge type shaker screen for easy and fast replacement.

e. Composite frame shaker screens for longer service life.

f. Certificates for electrical components there are IECEX, ATEX, CE, Gost for optional.

AIPU composite material shaker screens

Most of AIPU shale shakers are using in oil and gas industries, and some are used on environmental protection industries, such as mining slurry dewatering, diamond or core drilling mud recovery, hdd mud recovery.

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