Shale Shaker Hunter-D3 with S.S Screen Three Panels

AIPU shale shaker Hunter-D3 is popular in the foreign market, especially in the Indonesia market. This is their third repeat orders from Aipu.

AIPU Hunter-D3 is similar as Derrick FLC2000. All the screens are interchangeable with the original screen panel. This customer ordered shaker with single deck, it can be designed to dual deck as well. No matter for 3 or 4 panels per deck.

The whole flow rate of shale shaker is up to 120m³/h and the angle is from -1~+5°. There will be flexibility to handle materials according to actual working conditions. For the shaker motors, we use the brand Oli Ital-Vibras imported from Italy. High quality motors will help much on stable performance and good result.

We also have the thought change on deck stainless steel shaker screen to polyurethane screen. PU screens are coarser than stainless steel ones.

Hunter-D3 shale shaker good features

Stainless steel screens are fitted to prevent fast worn or pre-mature. As we found drilling condition is difficult with hard and large shale particles. And the screen is wedge block type for quick and convenient replacement.

AIPU Hunter-D3 has good features of larger treating capacity, longer screen service life and less consumption, better solids removal result, higher efficiency of cuttings filtration, cleaner shaker at site, lower cost of whole well drilling.

Another model of Hunter-D4 shale shaker

Shaker Hunter-D4 is fitted with 4pcs screen panels. The screening size is 3.02 square meters. Same screen material and screen size with Hunter-D3. The screen can be also designed to the dual deck for higher treating capacity against the special requirements, that will be 8 screen panels in total. It’s widely used in oil and gas drilling as well.

Please feel free to contact AIPU Solids control for more details. Trust you’ll get interesting issues.

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