Shale Shaker Screen

Shale shaker screens are becoming the most shaker parts as demands on the shale shaker have increased and developing. Aipu is focussed on resolving shaker screens’ three primary requirements:
. High liquid and solids handling capacity
. Acceptable life
. Ability to be easily identified and compared

Aipu screen instruction

Aipu produces almost all shaker screen in well drilling industry. No matter for linear motion shaker, or BEM shaker; no mater the flat shaker screen or pyramid shaker screen. Aipu will give you high quality screen meet your satisfaction.

As shaker screen manufacturer, we Aipu know much better on how to enhance screen performance or efficiency. Aipu shaker screens have been tested by 3rd unit in USA (view Aipu shaker screen test report ). Our screens size are conform to API RP 13C. Furthermore, right here you will get one-step solutions. No matter what type of shaker screen you need, you will get the high quality items at very reasonable price.

Aipu consider more on increasing screen open area, improve conductance and better filtration efficiency to save drilling cost for users.

If you order Aipu shaker screen you’ll be satisfied with its performance. Since it is as you expected: Longer service life, better filtration

Main shale shaker screen

◊ According to installation way: Tensioned screen, Wedge blocked screen.
◊ According to appearance: Hook strap screen, Frame screen.
◊ According to material: Steel frame screen, Composite frame screen, as well as polyurethane screen.
◊ According to surface: Flat shaker screen, Pyramid shaker screen.

Replacement Screen

  • Original Screen for Aipu Solids Control shaker
  • Replacement screen for Derrick Shaker
  • Replacement Shaker Screen for MI-Swaco Shaker
  • Replacement Screen for NOV Brandt Shaker
  • And more…

View: Aipu shaker screens brochure

What API Size Shaker Screen available from Aipu

D 100 Separation(Micron) API Screen Number
>7801.0 TO 925.0 API 20
> 550.0 TO 655.0 API 30
> 390.0 TO 462.0 API 40
> 275.0 TO 390.0 API 50
> 231.0 TO 275.0 API 60
> 196.0 TO 231.0 API 70
> 165.0 TO 196.0 API 80
> 137.5 TO 165.0 API 100
> 116.5 TO 137.5 API 120
> 98.0 TO 116.5 API 140
> 82.5 TO 98.0 API 170
> 69.0 TO 82.0 API 200
> 58.0 TO 69.0 API 230
> 49.0 TO 58.0 API 270
> 41.5 TO 49.0 API 325
> 35.0 TO 41.5 API 400

How to order these shale shaker screen in Aipu?

You could reach us freely with the mesh size you need. And let us know the quantity. If you have special package requirements please indicate us in advance since it will take 3-4 days.

Or, you could inquire us to send samples for your inspection. Against your approval, you can place an order as a try. If there is still a question, kindly leave comment below.

Locations available:

Asia, USA, Russia, Australia, Middle East, Argentina, Brazil Romania Etc.

You can contact us to search for more.

For more information about Aipu shale shaker screen. Please call or email Aipu solids control.

[1]Derrick and FLC are marks of Derrick Corporation
[2]Brandt and NOV are marks of National Oilwell Varco
[3]MI-Swaco and Mongoose are marks of Schlumberger
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