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Shale Shaker Systems construct the whole system in order to purify the fluid. So when we chose a good shale shaker, we need to know the parts of it at the beginning. Next we will give you a general understanding of it.

Shale shakers consist of the following parts.

1.Shale Shaker Hopper

The Hopper(the “base”) serves as both a platform and a collection pan for the fluid processed by the shaker screens. And it is also as “underflow”. You can order the hopper according to the needs of the drilling fluid system. And it can come in different depths to accommodate larger quantities of drilling fluid. As well as different ports for returning the underflow to the mud system.

2.Shale Shaker Feeder

The Feeder is essentially a collection pan for the drilling fluid before processed by the shaker. And it can come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of the mud system. The most commonly used feeder is known as the weir feeder. Then drilling fluid enters the feeder through pipes welded to the outside wall near the bottom of the tank. This method of feeding the shaker is the most widely used. Because of its ability to distribute the mud along the width of the shaker allowing for maximum use of the shaker’s screen.

3.Shale Shaker Screen Basket

Also known as the screen “bed”. It is the most important part of the machine. Different brands of shakers have different methods of fulfilling these demands. Mainly by using specialized screen tensioning apparatus, rubber seals around the screens, basket reinforcement to limit flex, rubber Float Mounts rather than springs, rubber Deck seals, and selective vibrator placement.

Some shakers come with an optional third motor on the shaker bed. This motor is often used to modify the elliptical motion of the basket. Making it more circular, therefore “soften” the motion. This motion is usually used for sticky solids. Aipu shale shaker – the world’s first balanced elliptical motion shaker.

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