shale shaker used in oil and gas

Shale shakers are effective in removing large solids away from the drilling fluid, which are primarily used in the oil and gas drilling industry.

Standard shale shakers at AIPU solids control

Hunter-MG series shaker including Hunter-MG4, Hunter-MG3; Hunter-D series including Hunter-D3 and Hunter-D4 shaker; Hunter-Mini shaker is the shaker holding 2 panels of smaller area screen.

Based on the main series of shakers, there are dual tandem shakers, and triple tandem shakers, Such as Hunter-MG4D or Hunter-D3D. We build the 2 sets of the single separated shakers on the common skid.

Hunter-MGD shaker is an integration of linear motion and balanced elliptical motion shaker. Holding 4 panels of screen interchangeable with all Hunter-MG series shaker.

Type of shale shaker depends on motion

Sale shakers are generally of two types: Shale shakers with linear motion and shale shakers with elliptical motion (balanced).

Shale shaker linear motion is generally use two motors for vibrating in-phase separation. The structure of this shaker is typically plain and easy to maintain. Linear motion in the shaker provides superior cutting via conveyance and is able to work effortlessly at an uphill slope to ensure enhanced liquid retention.

For efficient removal of bigger particles from drilling fluids, a shale shaker with elliptical motion (balanced)is commonly used. The relatively balanced vibration strength of the shale shaker reduces screen consumption and works effectively while drilling top-hole sections-where. However, heavy solids with high volumes are known to be present. In this shale shaker, if a difference in two motors (vibrating) occurs, then an unbalanced force is seen at the shaker. Since the structure of these shakers is more complex and differently designed, they are higher in price as compared to a linear motion shaker.

Shale shakers are very effective in drilling purification systems. They form the base of drilling fluids. For any questions, call us today.

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