Skid Mounted 200 Barrels to 240 Barrels Drilling Fluids Mud Tank

A mud tank that holds drilling fluids, commonly referred to as “mud” on the rig for onshore and offshore platforms. For land rigs, most mud pits are rectangular steel construction, with partitions that hold about 200 to 240 barrels each. They are set in series for the mud circulation system. On most offshore rigs, pits are constructed into the drilling vessel. 

AIPU drilling fluids mud tank is a vitally important part of the solids control system and waste management. Mud tanks are able to treat, mix, and store drilling fluids, which makes them extremely important to the oil and gas industries. They are also used in application to remove unwanted solids and sediments from the drilling and boring systems. 

The role of drilling fluids mud tank in solids control

Solid control is a complete range of drilling fluids treatment equipment, it consists of mud tank, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, mud desilter, mud desander, centrifuge, mud agitator, centrifugal pump. The shale shaker, the vacuum degasser, and the desander are mounted together on the same mud tank. The desilter and the centrifuge are mounted on the second tank.

Drilling fluids mud tank types

A mud tank is classified as either active or reserve. You can find many tanks in one oil rig. While the rig doesn’t use all the tanks at once, it does use several.

An active tank holds the mud that circulates during drilling. The number of active tanks depends on the volume of mud required to keep the hole full. It’s also vital that the amount of mud is sufficient for proper circulation.

An active tank can have different compartments with different roles. for example, the suction tank is where the pump picks up the mud that is used for the hole. the active tank can also have a chemical tank for mixing different chemicals and additives.

The reserve mud tank is not a part of the drilling process, but it has some critical functions. it can store excess mud and sometimes heavy mud for emergencies.

All AIPU mud tanks meet the highest standards of safety inspection and offer highly efficient containment and treatment solutions for your drilling projects. Just call us today for a free quotation.

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