Solids control equipment wearing parts shaker screens

Shale shaker is the kernel device in any solids removal program. Screens as the most cost spare part of shale shaker are very concerned by engineers. AIPU Solids Control has 15 years experience manufacturing shaker screens. Our Screen has been tested under API RP13C. 

Shaker screens information

AIPU composite frame flat screens are standard parts of AIPU shale shaker. The frame of this screen is made of high quality PP, Carbon, fibers and so on materials. Also, internal supporting frame is high quality carbon steel welded with tubes and rods. The screen cloth is stainless steel.

composite frame shaker screen flat type

Length is 1165mm, width is 585mm, and height is 40mm. Screen sizes including API 40 to API 325. As the raw materials of composite frame shaker screens are always kept stock, we can finish the panels very soon. If there is a special demand on screen, such as API 400, we can make it customised.

The screen panels can be designed to flat type as well as pyramid type, cause some customers they want to a higher filtration.

Shaker screens labels

There is a standard requirement on labels under API RP13C. Necessary information of API RP13C compliant screen label including both cut point, expressed as an API number, conductance shown in kD/mm, and originals. Such information helps users to get the correct and proper screen panel for different drilling sections.

Furthermore, as per API RP13C the labels should be a permanent visible and legible tag.

composite frame shaker screen pyramid type

Shaker screens package

Usually we pack frame type screen as one panel per carton. Then we put 10-25 cartons into plywood case. When put screens into cases we’ll put a film before laying cartons. External packages are with legs for fork lift.

According to quantity of screens under certain order, we pack different numbers of screen per package. For example, some clients order 3000 panels of composite frame shaker screens, we pack 30 panels per case.

We also consider the container size and loading volume to pack the screens. This will help to use the container most effective and properly.

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