solids control liner motion drilling shale shaker

AIPU shale shaker could be used in drilling mud solids control systems as the primary shaker unit. The shaker separates the cuttings by using the wire mesh screen opening size to block the coarse cuttings.

Drilling shale shaker design

Shaker function is to remove drilled solids, which is the primary function of all solids-removal equipment. The elements of drilling shale shaker design focus on several aspects including the shape of motion, vibrating systems, screen deck design, g factor, and power systems. All of these parameters contribute to the results achieved.

Motion shape of drilling shale shaker

There are unbalanced elliptical motion, circular motion, linear motion, and balanced elliptical motion for options. While the linear motion is widely used in drilling mud solids control systems and most clients preferred.

Linear motion is produced by a pair of eccentrically weighted, counterrotating paralleled vibrators. Linear motion shakers have overcome most of the limitations of elliptical and circular motion designs. Straight-line motion provides superior cuttings conveyance and superior liquid throughout capabilities with finer screens. Linear motion drilling shale shakers generally do not convey gumbo uphill. They can effectively remove gumbo if they are sloped downward toward the discharge end. The increased physical size of these units allows the use of even finer screens than those used on circular or elliptical motion shakers.

Features of AIPU drilling shale shaker

  1. The Shaker deck is completely processed by heating treatment to bear the high vibration force. 
  2. Shaker is installed with AIPU self-produced composite frame shaker screen with longer working time. that is interchangeable with a mongoose screen.
  3. To ensure a good sealing performance, AIPU uses groove and embedded rubber sealing technology, which provides excellent sealing effect and in the meanwhile makes the replacement of the sealing rubber easily. 
  4. Linear motion holding sufficient power and efficiency to handle large area screens and heavy shaker assembly. Compact compared to the dual tandem or two sets of separated shaker.

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