Solids control system for liquid and solids separation to environmental solution company

Solids control system is widely used to environmental solution for liquid and solids separation. AIPU solids control these days just finished assembling one set of solids control system to an environmental solution company who introduced by one regular customer.

In this treating system, it mainly includes the following equipment:

1.AIPU Shale shaker

Shale shaker Hunter-MG4 is a linear motion unit to eliminate solids under a proper G force brought by 2 sets same motors. The linear motion shaker hold high efficiency when there is large quantity drilling fluid. We have famous brand motors like Martin or Oli for choice. Treating capacity is 140 cubic meters per hour. The vibrating screen is 4 pcs screen panels, it’s a composite frame 585x1165mm. By fixing different opening sizes of screens, AIPU shaker screen is able to remove solids in different particles.

2.AIPU Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner is combined from 10″ desander hydrocyclone and 4″ desilter cones. Separation point is 15-74 micron. Working pressure is 0.25-0.45Mpa. The bottom shaker is Hunter series shaker for further separation. Treating capacity of AIPU mud cleaner can be adjusted per actual demand.

3. AIPU Mud tank

Our company is able to design and build various types of mud tanks in different sizes. Material is national standard high quality carbon steel Q325B, we can also customize 345E steel to stand for cold weather. AIPU mud tank meets the utility request of the drilling solid control system and solid-liquid separation system.

4. AIPU Tank Auxiliaries

For safety usage, AIPU Solids Control provides lighting, walk way, guide rails and ladders.

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