Machanical Solids Control Equipment

Mechanical solids control equipment selectively separate solids either through size differences, mass differences or both. Shale shakers use screens; hydrocyclones and centrifuges use centrifugal force. Understanding what are the key design factors and optimum operating limits for each of these … Read the rest

How Efficiently The Shale Shakers, Mud Cleaners And Decanting Centrifuge Remove Cuttings

In its pristine state, drilling mud may contain two types of solids – bentonite providing viscosity and, optionally, barite for weight. The bentonite particles range in size up to 10 microns. The barite ranges from 5 to 80 microns, with … Read the rest

Using Minimum Pit and Zero Cost in Drilling Operation – Enviromental Protection

The Drilling, Health Safety Environmental and Location Construction departments would work together, a division of Oiltools international, to apply new technology to continuously improve and achieve “reduced pit drilling” to minimize the environmental impact. … Read the rest