Mini Solids Control System

solids control system delivery

2000 Solids control system is set for 2000~3000 meters drilling rig. It’s the fifth solids control system we manufactured for Shann-Bei drilling rig company in 2017.

This solids control management system contains: Hunter-MG4 shale shaker, Hunter 90 mud cleaner, 4 sets 7.5Kw mud cleaner and two mud tanks.

Hunter MG&D series linear motion shale shaker is the most popular option for a set of solids control system and cost effective. 3 panels and 4 panels of shaker screen both available.

Hunter 90 mud cleaner’s capacity is 90m³, one 10″ hydrocyclone and eight 4″ hydrocyclones.

Extra 4 sets solids control system in drilling field.

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