Steel Framed Screen Shale Shaker to Separate Particles 2mm

AIPU Solids Control is a leading shale shaker provider with over 20 years of experience. We have provided thousands of drilling fluids treatment equipment for domestic and global oil and gas companies. AIPU shaker can be used for various kinds of drilling conditions such as HDD, geothermal, piling, and coal bed methane.

Hunter-MG4 Shale Shaker

We just finished 2 sets of shale shaker that specially designed for an environmental company. The client wants to separate particles 2mm. AIPU customized steel framed screens and stainless steel 316L to replace the common composite frame one. That’s longer service life and more suitable for customer’s working condition. The installation way is wedge block, fast change on shaker screen. Shaker screen totally 4 pieces and the screening area is about 2.73㎡.

Except steel frame and composite frame shaker screen, we also supply polyurethane screen for your choice.

Certificate of AIPU Shaker

AIPU solids control always provide special customizable service to our customers. For a vibration motor, except for an explosion-proof motor, non-explosion proof can be selected per different working conditions. For electrical parts, certificate like IEC EX, UL, ATEX, it’s the common configuration of AIPU equipment. Also, we can provide special certificates like EAC or other certificates against your requirements.

Steel Framed Shaker Screen

Special discount till to Dec.31, 2021

To thank the support of regular and new customers, any order on each set of shale shakers will get extra screen panels. If you place order on 1 set of Hunter-MG series shaker, 4 panels of screen composite frame are delivered together. To serve the clients better, our warranty is 12 months against the product date or 17 months against the B/L date, whichever comes first. And the payment terms can be 40% in advance, balance before delivery, or against B/L copy, that’s negotiable.

Would you want to know the real discunt price, call AIPU today.



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