Machanical Solids Control Equipment

Mechanical solids control equipment selectively separate solids either through size differences, mass differences or both. Shale shakers use screens; hydrocyclones and centrifuges use centrifugal force. Understanding what are the key design factors and optimum operating limits for each of these … Read the rest

How Efficiently The Shale Shakers, Mud Cleaners And Decanting Centrifuge Remove Cuttings

In its pristine state, drilling mud may contain two types of solids – bentonite providing viscosity and, optionally, barite for weight. The bentonite particles range in size up to 10 microns. The barite ranges from 5 to 80 microns, with … Read the rest

Why Desander Desilter (Mud Cleaners) Important In Solids Control

Modern, linear motion shale shakers are the most significant advance in solids removal technology. They permit the use of much finer screens than had been used in the past. By reducing the quantity of material to be removed by … Read the rest

Hydrocyclone (Mud Cleaner, desander, desilter)Troubleshooting

Hydrocyclone is core part of mud cleaner (desilter, desander). Hydrocyclones are a cost-effective method of removing many of the fine solids missed by the shaker in unweighted muds.

Hydrocyclones separate solids from fluid by using centrifugal force to cause solids … Read the rest


The most familiar combination separator is the Mud Cleaner or Mud Conditioner (Figure 1). In many cases, combinations of vibratory screening and settling/centrifugal force are used together to provide an effective separation.

Mud cleaners were developed in the early 1970s … Read the rest