Tank-installed Drilling Mud Guns for Mud Mixing System

APNJQ series mud gun is a tank-installed tool mainly used to mix and suspend particles. They are best used in tank corners to keep solids from settling and a mud agitator is placed in the tank center.

According to the inlet pipe size, there are 2-inch mud gun and 3-inch mud gun for option. According to different pressure, there are two types of mud gun: high-pressure mud gun, and low-pressure mud gun.

High-pressure mud guns

High-pressure mud guns typically come in 3000 and 6000 psi ratings and require heavy-walled piping. The rig’s main mud pumps (positive displacement piston types) pressurize the guns. The high-pressure system requires heavy piping and connections but relatively small nozzles. It is a high-pressure, low-volume system. The agitation is a result of high-velocity fluid coming from the jet nozzle.

Low-pressure mud guns

Low-pressure mud guns usually require about 75 feet of head for effective operation. Centrifugal pumps pressurize the nozzles through standard wall piping. The low-pressure system does not require heavy-walled piping. Because of higher flow rates, a larger-diameter pipe is used to prevent excess friction loss. The jet nozzles are larger than in the high-pressure system. Effective agitation occurs from the large volume of fluid entering the mud tank through the nozzle. Fluid shear is applied by the velocity of the fluid exiting the nozzle. This is called a high-volume, low-pressure system.
With either type of system, it is economically as well as functionally desirable to keep the jet nozzle feed lines as short and straight as
possible. With a low-pressure system, this is not merely desirable, but critical for efficient operation.

Features of APNJQ series mud gun

  1. Fixed nozzle or rotary nozzle for option

  2. Great jetting effect and large cleaning area

  3. Wide angle adjustment by rotating handle at tank floor

  4. Jet nozzle are high wear resistant polyurethane

  5. Custom built for any tank depth

  6. Stabilizers offered for secure installation

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