TBM mud cleaning system with desander 150m³/h

TBM mud cleaning system is designed for civil engineering of foundation bored pile machine, and micro tunneling project overseas. The main features including integrative, economical, cost-effective, compact, and so on

TBM mud cleaning system information

The treating capacity for this TBM mud system is 150m³/h. It can be customized to 50, 100, 200, 250, and 500 cubic meters per hour as well against clients’ demand. The proposed system including the shale shaker, desander cone, the centrifugal feeding pump, and the mud tank. The tank top and complete system top are configured with a lifting hole for convenient handling or lift.

The hydrocyclones have 5inch, 6inch, 8inch, 10inch, and 12inch for the option. All of the cones are made of high quality polyurethane with high durability and performance.

The selection of cyclone quantity depends on the request treating capacity.

Working procedure of TBM mud cleaning system

1)  A centrifugal feeding pump suck fluids from the foundation slurry pit and feeds them to the shale shaker.

2)  The first phase of cleaning is processed by the bottom shaker deck, and the cleaning fluids drops down to the mud tank. The solids up to 0.5mm will be separated out.


3)  A feeding pump suck Bentonite fluids from the mud tank and feed to the hydro cyclone, and solids drop down to the up deck shaker for drying, and the clean fluids go to the second compartment of the mud tank. The solids up to 50 microns will be separated out.

4)  The outlet of the second compartment of the mud tank is clean fluids can go to clean fluids pit for reuse for your foundation pile project.

Please contact AIPU freely. For optimal TBM mud system.

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