Tri-flo shale shaker

The TRI-FLO series shale shaker is a compact and reliable solids removal method. Most TRI-FLO shakers are similar in design and application.

Tri-flo shale shaker
Tri-flo shale shaker

Replacement TRI-FLO screens are available from coarse 10-mesh variety to a 400 mesh fine screen and they are easily changed in the field.

Reasons Of Short TRI-FLO Replacement Shaker Screen

  1. Careless handling and installation.
  2. Failure to clean all support surfaces prior to shale shaker screen installation.
  3. Improper tension during installation.
  4. Tension plates are not seated properly.
  5. Cuttings build up under the edge of the shaker screen.
  6. Worn or dirty deck rubber.

Troubleshooting Of TRI-FLO Shale Shaker

Over heating of VibratorToo little lubricantCheck seals for leakage and add lubricant.
Too much lubricantRemove lubricant until proper amount is indicated.
High ambient temperature caused by handling hot material or by surrounding condition.Ventilate area or use high temperature lubricant.
Lubricant LeakageHigh temperature causes grease to become fluid and
leak through the seals.
Use high temperature grease.
Gritty BearingsEntrance of grit while servicing or through the seals
during operation.
Flush bearing and cartridge and relubricate.
Noisy BearingsBearing failure caused by mentioned reasons.Replace bearings: take necessary precautionary steps to avoid reoccurring failure.
Normal fatigue failure associated with the vibrator
service-identified by spalling or roller and inner race at
the high load zone.
Replace the bearings; see assembly instructions.
Erratic Vibration or PerformanceSlipping of the V-belts.Replace worn belts or tighten belts by adjusting the motor slide base.
Throwing of V-belts.Check belt alignment; check counter weights to insure they are on the same number.
Unit is not levelRelevel the shaker with shims.
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