Vertical cement silo for Indonesian clients

One of our Indonesian user would like to storage drilling mud as bentonite mud inside. We designed a vertical cement silo against the site requirements as they want a higher capacity ones.

Vertical cement silo details

The customized cement silo including 6″ inlet from the top, 6″ outlet on bottom, the cement silo system with a pump to keep the tank under circulation from the bottom to the top in 3″ and App-40m3 of agitation per hour, visual level indication, manhole to clean, as well as cleaning system. Mud tank for liquid with a volume of 40m3.

What is a cement silo?

Cement silo, some customers call it cilo cimention, it is suitable for storing grain cement fly ash and other bulk materials. Cement silo is a kind of closed storage tank which is waterproof moistureproof prevent the loss of cement reduce urban air pollution small footprint long service life and low cost. It is the environmental friendly construction machinery promoted widely in China. The cilo has the materials level meter which can display the location and quantity of the materials. And the safety valve on the top of cement silo is used to balance the pressure difference between inside and outside.

Vertical silos features

  • Butterfly valves for material discharging
  • Safety valve for silo pressure control
  • Silo level blade indicator
  • Blowing plant with a nozzle to facilitate the exit of materials
  • Service platform with ladder, back guard and safety guard with immediate rest

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