VSM 100 shale shaker screen

VSM100 Shale Shaker is well proven to meet the demands of the oilfield drilling industry and is purpose built to provide a more efficient primary solids removal system. The VSM100 Shale Shaker is designed on a modular basis thus enabling multi unit installations and flexible configurations to be achieved using standard equipment.

VSM Multi-Sizer Separator

Here is VSM100linear motion shale shaker

Symptom:Probable Cause:Remedial Action:
Both motors fail to rotateMain supply downCheck isolator;
Check supply;
Check fuses.
One motor fails to rotateThermal overload settingReset overload to correct setting
One motor fails after start-upFuses blownCheck fuses
Electric motor faultyChange electric motor
Both drive shafts fail to rotateBearing failureReplace bearings
Broken beltsReplace belts
Slack beltsRe-tension belts
One drive shaft fails to rotateBearing failureReplace bearings
Broken beltsReplace belts
Slack beltsRe-tension belts
Damage to outrigger assembly Check assy. Replace if necessary
Bearing failureWrong greaseUse recommended grease
Grease system/seal failureCheck grease passage
Vent hole in head blockedEnsure hole in head is clear
Belt failureWrong tensionCheck belt tension
Belt wearCheck pulley alignment
Incorrect speedCheck pulley size
Pneumatic clamping failureIncorrect pressureCheck air supply and pressure pressure is correct (80-90 psi)
Incorrectly fitted screensCheck screens are properly located
Incorrectly fitted wedge framesCheck wedge frames are properly located
Solid transportation limitedShaft rotationCheck shaft rotation
Belt damagedCheck tension
Damaged screenReplace shale shaker screen
Angle of basketOperate unit in horizontal position only.
Solid transportation limitedHook strip screen tensionCheck tension of hook strip bolts (35 - 40 ft. lb)
Spray bars off (WBM)Use spray bars
Short screen lifeToo fine screenToo fine screen Change to coarser mesh
Premature damageCheck storage and handling
Angle of basketCheck basket is operated in horizontal position
Inadequate washdown facilitiesHigh pressure clean with appropriate fluid.
Incorrect fluid levelAdjust to 10 - 15” beach OBM
Spray bars off (WBM)Adjust to 6 - 8” beach WBM
Excessive noiseLoose boltsCheck torques on all bolted assys.
Pneumatic clamping systemCheck pressure
Screen wedge framesLocate properly
Incorrect tension of hook stripCheck torque (35 - 40 ft. lb) on
scalping screens
Bearing failureReplace bearings
Noisy sealsGrease seals
Unusual vibrationsWeakened mounting springChange mounting spring
Incorrect shaft rotationCheck belt tension
Additional Recommendations for Water Based Drilling Fluids
SymptomRemedial Action
Lack of bottom screen transportationFit finer primary screens and ensure beach length is 6 - 8”
Rotate screens allowing one set to be used as a back-up.
Clean back-up screens from rear with high pressure wash gun.
Ensure adequate washdown facilities are available
High pressure wash gun
Install spray bar system (Contact Thule Rigtech)
Lack of top screen Remove front gate in distribution chute and allow fluid to wash
Remove front gate in distribution chute and allow fluid to wash over onto screen; Check screen tension (Recommended 35 - 40 ft. lb)

Aipu solids control can provide VSM100 spare parts and replacement screen: sculping deck screen, primary screen and secondary screen.

VSM 100 shale shaker screen
VSM 100 shale shaker screen (composite frame)
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