What Is a Mud Tank Agitator?

A mud tank agitator is a necessary equipment for drilling mud tanks to mix drilling fluid during oil drilling at the oilfield. Both helical bevel gearbox and helical worm gearbox are available at AIPU Solids Control for all sizes of mud tank agitators.

Differences between helical bevel gearbox and helical worm gearbox agitator

Mud tank agitator is composed of a motor, gearbox, impeller, shaft, and base. More clients prefer a helical bevel gearbox agitator, that more stable working performance. While some customers like a helical worm gearbox agitator which is highly cost competitive. Both types are convenient working and less wearing parts.

Customized service for agitator

Firstly, the shaft length is customer built, because of different mud tank depths at different job sites. Then surface painting color. All AIPU equipment is AIPU color, but if you have special requirements just offer us the color code, and that will be ok. Finally, the voltage and frequency are customizable, as different working power supplies in different countries. Also, customers may have certification requirements for electric components such as ATEX, IEC, and EAC. Just let us know your demand.

How to choose right agitator size for tank

For proper mixing and suspension of solids, the mud agitator must be properly sized and installed.

To properly size a mud agitator, proceed as follows:

1. Select desired style – horizontal, vertical, helical bevel gearbox, or helical worm gearbox
2. Determine available electric power – 380V/50HZ, 400V/60HZ or customized.
3. Select horsepower and impeller(s) as determined by the following factors:
a. Tank design – round or square
b. Tank dimensions
c. Maximum mud weight
d. Desired turnover ratio (TOR)

After gathering the required information, the agitator can be properly sized to meet the horsepower demand and correct agitation for the application. 

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