Why cooling mud temperature control system is critical?

Drilling mud from geothermal industry is different with the oil and gas. That is overheated drilling mud. High temperature impairs drilling operation, break solids control equipment, and poses a serious safety risk. That’s why cooling mud temperature control system is so critical. AIPU cooling mud system brings overheated drilling fluids under control.

Cooling mud temperature control system details

AIPU cooling mud temperature control system is main composed of mud cooling unit, and plate heat exchanger(PHE).It can be desinged to skid mounted or trailer mounted. Also, the mud temperature control system can be manufactured to 20GP or 40GP container dimension for easy movable and transportation.The system is usually used after the desilter unit of solids control system based on our experience and regular clients’ feedback. The mud cooler can reduce the temperature difference by 30 degrees, while please note that the mud cooling can not be lower than the ambient temperature.

Based on the different drilling mud capacity, the system incorporates one or two plate heat exchangers. Aipu mud coolers can be operated in parallel for even higher flow rate and efficiency. This mode of operation is particularly advantageous on deep well drilling rigs where mud temperatures can get out of control quickly.

AIPU mud cooling system benefits

No matter from uer’s feedback or design concept, our cooler have advantages and benifits of modular design allowing parallel operation, fast and efficient control of drilling mud temperature, prevents seal failure due to overheating, space-saving design, less wearing parts, designed to individual customer requirements and so on

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